The Penumbra Issue Four - Bill Goodwin


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The Penumbra Issue Four - Bill Goodwin

Neo Purse Frame Routine

Shoot Ogawa

A coin repeatedly appears and disppears in this visually deceptive handling of the purse frame routine that culminates with the production of a jumbo coin.

Royal Mayo

David Solomon

The two jokers produce a Royal Flush in a surpising manner.

Intuition Monte

Steve Ehlers

Using his intuition, a spectator correctly locates a desired card among a packet. Repeating the demonstration, the spectator's superior concentration causes the packet to tranform into a four of a kind.
Pinkerton's Surprise

Roy Walton

Shannon Clark

Bill Goodwin

A surprise ending for Roy Walton's Pinkerton's Ladies from Issue Two.

51 Paces North

Allan Slaight