The Penumbra Issue Two - Bill Goodwin


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Issue Two
July/August 2002
Pinkerton's Ladies
Roy Walton
Mr. Walton's take on the gradual sandwich plot. Two queens gradually melt through the deck to trap a selection.
Ray Kosby
A matchbook visually turns inside-out.
Don't Judge
Michael Weber
A blank matchbook visually prints.
Internal Script
Michael Weber
A spectator's initials jump from the outside of a matchbook to the inside.
Recollected Collectors
Guy Hollingworth
An extremely direct approach to the Roy Walton classic.
John Carney
Promising to change a silver dollar into four quarters, the magician causes it to break into four pieces. These pieces are now transformed into four quarters.
One Good Winner
Allan Ackerman
Corner Kick
Gordon Bean
A card with a missing corner transposes with a whole card.