The Fly by Ronjo Magic


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Two similar tricks. Two different methods. One great price! One uses the special custom deck and the other one you would use your own deck. One is in real life 3D and the other uses full color graphics. One is a Fly; the other is a Bee. You decide which to perform and when to perform.


A spectator freely selects a card. The card is lost in the deck. Now the fun begins! You explain that you will cut to the selected card. You remove a portion of the deck, and a house fly is seen sitting on top of a card. Surprised and anxious you react quickly by using the rest of the deck as a fly swatter. You smash the deck together with the fly in the middle. When you separate the deck a squashed and splattered fly is stuck to the card it was sitting on as well as the card that did the smashing. To everyone's amazement when you turn over the messy card it is shown to be the previously selected card. This disgusting trick is just an illusion.

Special custom deck does all the work for you. Easy to do. Use your own blue Bicycle Rider Poker sized deck.


A selected card is lost in the deck. You bring out an invisible bumble bee and introduce him to the audience. The cards are cut and the bee is now seen on the back of one card... but it is the wrong card. So you give the bee another chance... and he's wrong again! Now you're really getting mad. You smash the bee with the other half of the deck...SPLAT! When the cards are spread, one card has a squashed Bee on it...the selected card!

Don't Bug Me comes with all the gimmicks you need to perform this trick.