Akronym by Conjuring Lab (Online Instructions)


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A one-of-a-kind personalized revelation you can perform anytime, anywhere.

We’re so excited to partner with Conjuring Lab to bring you “Akronym", an groundbreaking online system that allows you to reveal any word in the most unique and surprising way possible. It can be someone’s name, a company, or whatever you want.

No assistants. No forces. Everything is done in real time on their phone.

"Akronym" is a completely impromptu stunner that can be performed on-the-spot without any prep work or pre-show required. It is an innovative web-based system that works on either iOS or Android. Nothing needs to be downloaded on your phone or theirs. You don't even need to have your phone near you.

This professional, fully-customizable routine works just as well in casual close-up settings as it does for corporate gala events with 1,000s of people. It's your easy-to-use secret weapon for blowing the minds of audiences of any size.

“That is literally incredible!”
Lloyd Barnes

“That is sick. I love it!”
Peter Turner

“Akronym checks all the boxes for me - practical, versatile, and devastating.”
Doug McKenzie

You start by talking about how much you enjoy the feeling of a well-planned surprise in a good movie or book. The types of moments where something happens and you can’t believe you didn’t see it coming. It’s an amazing feeling that you’d like to create with your participant as part of your own story.

Let’s say you’re performing for someone named John. You have them roll an imaginary die and tell everyone what number it lands on (no forces). For this example, we’ll say they chose three.

It’s now time to add some substance to the story. So you have them search for something that interests them on Wikipedia. They can look for anything they want. Let's say they choose "Football".

Once they're on the page they chose, you point out how every Wikipedia page has a variety of links connecting them to other pages. Like the old game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (Six Degrees of Separation), It’s fun to click some of the links and see where you end up.

You invite them to start creating a new story by clicking any link they want. Whatever word they clicked is written down on a piece of paper (or, if you're in a pinch, you can write it down in the notes app on someone’s phone). They then freely click another link on the next page and continue doing this a few more times. Each time, you write down the word they clicked.

In the end, you’re left with a list of seemingly random words that don’t seem to tell much of a story...until you reveal the plot twist. You remind them of the number they freely chose earlier, three. The third letter in each freely-selected word is then circled. Their jaws will drop when they see it reveals “John”.