Prophecy Pen by Penguin Magic


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Prophecy Pen is a mentalist’s dream device that allows you predict ANYTHING. It's built to last and can even be handled by your audience. It opens up new impossibilities for your mentalism.

Here’s just one example of a miracle you can perform:

1. You show your audience that you have a prediction written down in red ink. They don’t see exactly what’s written down but can confirm that something has been predicted.

2. That note is crumpled up and put onto the table.

3. A spectator is asked to visualize a globe, then narrow in on a continent, then a country, then a city. They say that city out loud. The city they named is written down in blue ink on the sticky note, and they confirm it's exactly what they said.

4. They open the prediction to find that impossibly, the exact city they named is written in red ink. They can keep both notes as souvenirs.

Along with this unique pen, you receive a tutorial with Erik Tait on performing his impossible city prediction. The technique can be applied to nearly any kind of named prediction and is a great routine to toss in your backpack to have ready to go whenever you need to predict the future. This casual routine is perfect for anyone who wants to get big reactions. Once you understand the secret, the routine possibilities are endless. We predict you will have a blast.