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You’ve seen everyone else’s photos of their “EDC Kit” and it often looks like their entire magic collection! If Joe Diamond were to share a photo of HIS “Everyday Carry” collection, it would be JUST the Haunted Key.

Because with just that single prop, he can do THIS entire 10-15 minute strolling set for kids, teens, OR adults!

What You Get:

An audience tested, professionally used routine of classic “body magic” effects, question and answer work, and the Haunted Key all combined into a spooky sequence that you can do year round.

All that you need to carry is your Haunted Key that you likely already own, and if you don’t, there are bonus sections included on how to find a genuine antique that properly works, and additional tips on how to properly animate the key.

Literally, you could JUST do this for your walk around gigs, ESPECIALLY for Halloween, get your check, and go home leaving behind an event of satisfied and spooked spectators!

WARNING! You won’t learn any groundbreaking new techniques. No clever anagrams, no cool gimmicks, no complex psychological techniques that only work ‘some’ of the time.

Just a real world, tested, structured routine for professional magicians, mentalists, or almost ANY kind of mystery performer that actually gets out of the armchair from time to time & actually PERFORMS.


This is a completely DIFFERENT routine that what Joe Diamond teaches on his Penguin Live Lecture! The only overlap in information here is how to test a genuine antique key to see if it will work for this effect, and tips on how to properly animate it.

What you are getting is an alternate routine that is professionally tested, and uses NO other props besides the key. No extra business cards, rubber bands, gimmicks, or threads. JUST the key, and this routine give you the power to give chills in any professional or informal performance.