Perna - Incunabulum


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Here it is, Incunabulum. This is meant to be a companion book to Orestium! This book contains secrets which you may remeber such as the Cloche Peek and Majuscle. However, you will find more secrets in this book, including the introduction!

In this book, you will learn:

Ada 2.0: This is an update to my effect Ada which is a spectator guesses another spectator's star sign which involves no instant stooging. You will learn the original handling but a differnet way of obtaining the star sign that you don't want to miss!

Majuscle:A deck of alphabet cards is presented and the participant is asked to make a blind choice of a card underneath the table, remember the letter, and lose it in the pack.

The performer goes through the pack, takes out a letter, and the participant is asked to name what letter they are thinking of and the performer is shown to be correct!

The performer does this again but inside takes out a card and doesn’t show the participant the letter. The performer lays down an array of alphabet cards and the participant chooses one.

Without any hints or magician's choice, the participant can divine what letter the performer took out!

Nonage: This is a reverse pin guess which utilizes the Secondary Principle like you have never seen it before. The participant chooses between a few numbers and choses one then creates a PIN...which is the performer's PIN.

Viligant Bias: This is an underground technique that helps you to reveal that your participant has a sibling without the participant writing anything down! You will be able to reveal that the participant has a sibling and continue by revealing more details about the participant!

This is a technique which helps you to create a miracle as you will see why!

Hide and Go Peek: This is an essay on peeking billets and what Perna Believes makes a good billet peek to have your participants feel like you are revealing something the participant is just thinking of due to the handling of the billet.

After this Perna then shows some billet peeks based on this philosophy!

Vosburghicity Peek: By just placing a billet into the middle of the stack, without giving it a pass or a cut. You will be able to see exactly what the participant wrote!

The stack of the billets is squared the entire time and there is no hold in the middle of the stack!

Cloche Peek: This is a peek where a participant places a billet that they wrote on the inside of the hat, you then give it to another participant to have them reach in and tear up the evidence. The performer is then able to peek at the information and reveal however they please to do so.

If you want to guess that someone is about to have a baby then you need to get this book because you will look like a God!