The Hermit Magazine Vol.2 No.8 by Scott Baird


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The latest issue of The Hermit Magazine has a fantastic range of effects, creative thinking, and inspiration.


The issue starts out with Darned Pain in the Neck by Paul Gordon, a fun ace-spelling routine that goes wrong all the way until it goes right.

Then, learn Scott Baird's Fabulous Jumping Jokers, which is a different sort of take on a Ken Krenzel mystery card routine from The Collected Almanac.

Kyle Leon shares Predetermined Roll, a predicted card routine that is so fair it uses imaginary dice.

The Unknown Future by John Carey is a direct and to-the-point mystery card routine, originally published in his book Me, My Cards, and I.

Jason Connolly shares an ace-cutting routine with a triumph phase that he calls Aces for Alicja.

Hofzinser Makes Good is a mash-up of a twisting the aces routine and the Hofzinser Ace Problem by Scott Baird.

Chiam Yu Sheng returns to The Hermit, teaching his take on the Biddle Trick, Backfire Biddle;

Brandon Sheffield also has a take on the Biddle Trick that he calls Compressing Biddle.

Jozsef Kovacs shares his genius variation of the classic 21 card trick, Faro 21;

James Mollenkamp offers his insight about Changing Method and Uniformity of Action,

Plus learn an easy-to-do palm from Biz in The Sleight Corner!