Butterfly Box by Kelvin Chow


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Pure. Elegance. That's what this is. If you're looking for a poetic, stunning way to end or begin a close-up performance, this polished wooden box is what you're searching for.

This elegant little box, handmade of real polished, finished wood, allows you to change what appears to be a loose deck of playing cards into ANYTHING of similar size. You can, for example, show the cards in the box, remove four Aces, and then change all the other cards into four silver dollars, so you can perform a version of Matrix.

You can change a deck of cards into grains of sand or sugar.

You can change a deck of Butterfly cards into a real butterfly.

The possibilities are endless, and it always works the same way. Absolutely no technique required to master. The apparatus does everything for you. This is a beautiful package, and one you can insert into your set to make a beautiful transition, or simply add on an unbelievable closer.