Make Your Own Luck By Lewis Le Val(PDF+PNG)


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A demonstration of extraordinary luck, and a souvenir they’ll keep forever.
Make Your Own Luck goes beyond showcasing the performer's skill, giving all the power to your participant.

Against all odds, they effortlessly triumph in your game of luck, and within your wallet or pocket lies the reason why: a humble lucky charm destined just for them, bearing undeniable proof inscribed right across it. A shocking and unexpected reveal.

This routine is entirely customisable; you define the game and how it's played, ensuring they always emerge victorious. The lucky charm itself adopts a form reminiscent of 1930s cigarette cards. You can craft your own or opt for Lewis's preferred design. The artwork is included in this download for you to print at home or send to any online business card printing service.

While Lewis's preferred version of the routine centres around a fictional dice game called 'Diablo,' employing an inexpensive gimmicked die readily available at most magic stores, alternatives using non-gimmicked items you already possess are also presented.

We want you to make the most of your investment, so please only purchase if you are willing to print, or have printed, your very own lucky charm cards, and in doing so, you’ll have a beautiful and uplifting gift to share with all whose paths your cross.