Illusion Handkerchief by Fujiwara


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A masterpiece of silk magic!


magicians show four silks on white cardboard front and back. now he removes middle two silk show empty and places to its original position.

magically center silks disappear as if it is drawn into the hole of the board and finally when the magician pulls the remaining two silks it is found that middle silks are attached in between these two silks forms string of silks. and white cardboard is found empty inside. (if you wish you can write any message here like Its magic Etc.)

In the next phase, you detach red-colored and white colored silk and place it in the center hole, again silk disappears as if it is drawn into the hole of the board, finally magician open cardboard and found one merged silk having Red & white strips on it.

Comes Complete Ready to work with Required Set of Silks & Teaching Video Instruction sheet.