With The Band by David Jonathan


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If history is any indicator when David Jonathan and Dan Harlan collaborate you get a really cool trick. Imagine being able to have a rubber band find a signed card without any gimmicks. That’s With The Band.

David and Dan teach TWO versions of the effect, with different methods, that are both practical and interchangeable, so you can combine elements of each to see what works best for you!

Here’s what happens:

A card is selected, signed, and then returned to the deck. The deck is put in the box. The magician tells the audience that he won’t be the one finding the card, one of his stretchy assistants will be. A rubber band is wrapped securely around the box. Then the rubber band suddenly vanishes. The box is opened and the rubber band is found in the middle of the deck wrapped around a playing card that just so happens to be the spectator’s signed card. The best part? Everything can be examined.

No special gimmicks or difficult sleights. With The Band is easy to do and gets huge reactions. This trick is a great opener as well as a great effect to transition with from card effects to rubber band tricks or vice versa. This is an effect that’s a real winner and it all works With The Band.