Online Ordering by Tom Dobrowolski


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“Online Ordering” new fun interactive magic perfect for virtual and face-to-face performances

"Nothing wrong with eye candy but the best virtual tricks are ones that are not only fooling, but get the spectators actively involved. ONLINE ORDERING fits the bill perfectly!” Cameron Francis

Great stuff and ripe for creative tinkering.” Raj Madhok

“For my money Tom reliably produces some of the most powerful, practical, magic one could possibly hope to learn. This effect is another shinning example of precisely that! Love it!” Shannon Clark

“Online Ordering” is a fun new interactive-magic-trick that is perfect for both virtual and face-to-face performances – in groups, or one on one.

In “Online Ordering” the spectator(s) remove all 13 cards of a suit of their choice (CHSD) from their own deck of cards. After confirming they have all 13 cards , they each freely cut and mix their cards clearly seeing that they are mixing their cards into a random order, and that their order is a completely different from the performer’s and the other spectators’. After all of this mixing and cutting everyone does a little magic which results in their packets ending up in “order”.

You’ll learn 2 different endings with 13 cards as well as a couple variations and endings contributed by John Guastaferro using just 10 cards the Ace – 10 of the spectators chosen suit.

Once you learn the clever principles behind “Online Ordering” you’ll be able to improvise at different points throughout the routine, which makes each and every performance feel unique and allows each and every spectator to feel they’ve had their very own magical experience.

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Inspired by an idea in Juan Tamriz’s great book “Verbal Magic” (Hermetic Press,2005)