Mike Maxwell – Larry Jennings The Cardwright


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The Cardwright is a large compilation of 48 exceptional Larry Jennings creations. The contents have been drawn from a lifetime of intense concern with excellence in card magic. Included are some of Larry’s prized productions.

There are locations, reverses, revelations, sandwich effects, predictions, assemblies, twistings,
productions, changes, and more. There is a large section of new sleights and technical refinements.

There is a chapter devoted to eye-popping tricks with wallets. These are some of the most
extraordinary effects ever conceived with the Jennings and Mullica Wallets. And there is Larry’s treatment of Dai Vernon’s Slow-Motion Aces, perhaps the definitive refinement on this exquisite classic. In it, Larry removes a discrepancy inherent in the original, and adds some fine handling touches.

All the items have been thoroughly detailed by Mike Maxwell and supplemented by over 235 clear photographs of Mr. Jennings’ hands in action. This, and the name Jennings, guarantee your satisfaction.