Hard Stretch by Roman Armstrong


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This is the perfect entry into rubberband magic! Teaches every trick you need to know with rubberbands and so much more!

Finally, a powerful ending to your band routine!

‘What a refreshing ending to a rubber band effect. I did not see it coming!” – Henry Harrius

‘Hard Stretch is a killer finale to any commercial rubber band routine! I saw Roman perform this at the recent Newmarket Magic Day and it fried my eyes and brain. It’s dynamite!’ – John Carey

“Really fun premise, feels very different. I’ve never done a rubber band tick but I want to do this!” – Noel Qualter

A ring and a rubberband switch physical properties, meaning the ring is now rubber and the band is now a solid piece of metal, truly remarkable.

Roman Armstrong’s Hard Stretch is the ultimate ending to any rubber band routine. Even if you only perform the ring up band, Hard Stretch will make this 100% more powerful. As well as getting all the special props you also get a full tutorial video where Roman along with Craig Petty teach you some of their favorite rubber band effects.

Hard Stretch finally gives you an ending that is as strong for your rubber band set as the Omni deck is for your card magic!

Here’s The Basic Effect:

After performing a few of your favorite rubber band effects (don’t worry if you are new to band magic because the in-depth tutorial video featuring Roman Armstrong and Craig Petty teaches you some of their favorite routines including routines for the absolute beginner), you have a finger ring examined and held between your spectators hands. You then take the rubber band and stretch it between your hands (stating that you are going to make the band and the ring change places). Something strange starts to happen to the band, when you let go of one end, the band stays stretched! This looks so weird! You now tap the band on the table and it is truly solid! You are your spectator to check the ring and two their amazement the ring has not turned to rubber!!