Michael Kent's Microphone Management for Magicians


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“Michael Kent is one of the busiest magicians in America. And he is a master at using the handheld microphone. Those two facts are related.”
-Ken Weber, Author of Maximum Entertainment

"Using a handheld microphone is an art, and Michael Kent is an artist."
-Brent Braun, The Magic Firm

Join Michael Kent on this informative lecture, where you'll learn:

• The many benefits of using a handheld microphone
• Tips, tricks and techniques to use a microphone like a pro
• The technical ins and outs of handheld microphones
• An assortment of "PRO TIPS" that have nothing to do with microphones!

Whether you're currently using a headworn or lavalier microphone and want to switch to a handheld, or you're currently using a handheld and want to make your show better, you will definitely benefit from the wealth of information in this lecture!