Cue'd Up by Chef Anton,2020 New Arrivals


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Here’s what happens:

A spectator selects a card, and signs a sticker so it can be identified later. The card is lost into the deck and placed in a bag. The magician then sets up a trick pool shot which sends the balls racing around the table, only to hit the bag and cause the cards to go flying into the air. Then the pool cue is thrust through the cloud of cards. When the dust settles the selected card is found impaled on the end of the pool cue. The spectator can remove it themselves and take it home
for an incredible memory.

In addition to the professional routine Chef teaches an impromptu version that can be done with any pool cue and doesn’t need any special devices. You’ll also learn 6 barbets, trick shots, and billiard brain teasers that you can use so you’ll never have to buy a drink again:

Three Beers: Also known as the triangle shot. A quick little hustle using a pool ball and a triangle to create a billiard brain teaser of how to shoot a ball trapped in a triangle into a pocket.

Two Sticks: Jump the cue ball over one pool cue, and cause it to make another ball jump over another pool cue and into a pocket. Here Chef will teach you how to make a legal jump shot just like a professional pool player.

Trapped: Chef used this actual shot to win the California State 8-Ball Championships. You’ll learn how to jump a cue ball off a rail and outside a ring of other balls to get the selected ball to sink into the corner pocket.

Watermelon Seed: This hustle sets up a simple wager. Whoever can roll their ball the farthest across the table with one hand gets free drinks from everyone else. The secret is deceptively simple and works every time.

Dime In Shot Glass: Using just a pool ball you’ll learn how to hop a dime off a rail and into a shot glass.

Grifter’s Dream: A feature in Chef’s show for years, under impossible conditions you sink an 8-Ball into the corner pocket even though it’s guarded by a ring of balls and a pool cue.

Shot live on location in an actual pool hall, you’ll learn not just an incredible card trick, but actual trick shots you can do on any neighborhood pool table. The tricks you learn range from the practically self working to the more challenging side of the spectrum. If you’ve ever wanted to get into pool ball wizardry, Cue’d up is the perfect shot.