Kevin Bethea LIVE


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What will he teach?
Nine Hard hitting routines that you will use and your audiences will love. Great for stand-up, close-up, corporate and restaurant work. You will learn new secrets along with insights and time tested wisdom from a pro.

Silver Serenade- Multi-phase three coin routine with productions and vanishes. One of the coins defies gravity before growing into a jumbo size silver dollar. This routine has a lot of surprises.

Soft Ace Cutting- Ace cutting routine that becomes progressively more magical, ending with the spectator finding the last ace.

Triple Flurry Spellbound- A silver dollar changes to copper then to a chinese coin, before changinging back to the silver coin. Vanishes and productions are incorporated into the routine allowing the performer to end clean.

What are The Odds- A spectator randomly tosses a business card into a shuffled deck and causes it to mysteriously land on top of their selection.

Detective Kings- A fun paced crime solving sandwich routine where the detectives find their suspect by using forensics and a little bit of magic.

Wand Vanish- A complete vanish of a ball during your cup and ball routine where you can show both hands empty. There is no sleeving, no topits, no gimmicks holdouts. This fools EVERYONE.

Three Coins and a Glass- Highly commercial three phase handling of 'Coins to Glass'.

Diamond Thieves- The four queens rise to the top of the deck, the deck turns blank, the Queens vanish, all culminating in the production of a giant diamond once owned by Cleopatra.

Mint Condition- An Okito box routine where four coins vanish one at a time and appear in a small metal box. The coins then vanish all at once from the box and appear back in the magician's hand. For the finale, the coins change into mints and are poured out onto the table.