Joep van Pamelen – Copy Drawing Duplication


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This is a great drawing duplication effect. De magician shows adeck card with all different pictures. The spectator can choose one of the cards, and this is a complete free choice! The magician never looks at the card of the spectator, and the rest of the deck go away. The magician takes some markers and two little whiteboards, one for the spectator and one for the magician. They stand back to back and draw a picture. Now they both are going to reveal their drawing at the same time, and it complete matches!!

You have to buy some supplies (if you do not have these already) for under $5.

Good to know:
Easy to perform, you learn 3 way to do the trick from easy to advanced
no force, it is a free choice
no marked deck
no gimmick
no electronics
everything is examinable
pack small plays big