The Four Forces by Dani DaOrtiz (Force Project Chapter 1)


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The Four Forces
Dani DaOrtiz is back, and this time, you don’t have a choice because this project is all about card forces! There’s no one who makes a card selection feel more honest and fair than Dani DaOrtiz. In this year-long project Dani will share with you his favorite methods, principles, and techniques to get your audience to take exactly the card you want.

The What
This course kicks off with a bang where four cards are named by the magician as the shuffled deck is dealt face up onto the table. Four different spectators say to stop whenever they want. Each of them takes the card they stopped at, and impossibly, the named cards are exactly the cards in the spectator's hands.

The How
As soon as the performance ends, Dani walks you through how to do the trick right away. He teaches you the simple yet powerful concepts that make The Four Forces trick work and shares with you the techniques required to perform this miracle. This format allows you to start practicing right away, but is also great for when you want to go back and learn the trick again. You don’t have to sift through every detail of the trick; you can get that quick memory job so that you can get back out performing tricks.

The Why
Dani DaOrtiz is not just a powerful performer, but he is a FISM award winning philosopher with a deck of cards. Once you’ve learned the basics of the effect, Dani carefully shares with you every detail and nuance that makes The Four Forces so fair and so deceptive. You’ll learn about his clever use of the Si-Stebins stack and how to combine a stack with additional cards to give you complete control over the cards your audience selects. No stone is left unturned as Dani DaOrtiz holds nothing back during this deep dive session on this incredible force. The Force Project is a year-long course in learning to make your spectators believe their selections are fair even though you have total control. Get started with the first lesson and an amazing trick that has four spectators impossibly selecting four predicted cards. Welcome to The Force Project with Dani DaOrtiz.