Killer Card Workers 2 Paul Gordon


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Killer Card Workers – Course 2

Middle Earth. This is a KILLER sandwich effect you’ll USE ... a LOT!
Thoughts On The Clock Trick. This adds SO MUCH more to the old clock trick. It’ll fool all those who know the original...and it’s EASY.
Unfathomable Location. Paul’s Eight Of Diamonds Trick on heat.
Trade Show Card Force. It’s not what they recall. It’s what they THINK they recall.
Not Too Far. Paul’s infamous ‘take’ on Further Than That. It’s an eye-popper.
Balducci Aces # 2. Exciting production of any four of a kind from a shuffled deck.
The Four Fours. Great production of the Fours!
Twister. Four Kings ‘twist’ and then change into the Aces. A PG classic!
The Amazing Four Card Trick. The Homing Card effect on heat!
Flight Of The Kings. Four cards are FREELY chosen. Without any switches they are the four Kings. They are returned to the deck and FLY to four different pockets. No switches. No dupes!
Paul’s Sure-Fire Jogshuffle!
Elmsley Count, ITHEC, One-Hand Palm…
Approaching Tables, What To Say, Strolling Magic, Curing Nerves, Memory… Getting Gigs!, sleights, presentation, fact, ANYTHING you want to know and he can answer...he will.