The Box Goes In Da Box - Peter Prevos


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The Box Goes In Da Box - Peter Prevos

There has NEVER been anything like this that captures comprehensively information about this effect until now!  

The Box Goes-In-Da Box is a treatise on the Gozinta Boxes, brilliantly written and illustrated by Peter Prevos. Peter’s work is exceptional. We at Stevens Magic are big fans. His attention to meticulous detail, which includes two and half pages of bibliography, is refreshing (and sadly lacking) in the world of magic.  Equally important are the topics he chooses to write about, he has a sharp sense of filtering and selecting some of the most sought-after subjects in the art.  Peter does a good job of incorporating the rich history of this illusion crediting the great Lubor Fiedler, as well as showing the evolution of this incredible miracle. Ken Brooke new a great thing when he saw it with Bob Dreebeck’s – Dribeck Die, and item sold in the US Exclusively by Stevens Magic Emporium.