Mark Calabrese LIVE 2


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What will he teach?
Rounders Routine- A gambling demonstration that shows how card Cheats use their methods to make their money at the card table. Learn false deals, how to cut to any named card from a shuffled deck, as well as one of the cleanest ways to lose and retrieve a signed card. Also how to make gambling effects entertaining for the general public.

Cara o Corona- Two methods for an impromptu magician fooler that will allows you to control the outcome of a coin toss.

Head Games- The magician and spectator play a game of “blind man's bluff” in which they both place a card sight unseen on their forehead. The magician tries to guess what card is on his head by reading the spectators face, and the spectator does the same. the magician uses a little sneakiness to get the card but the spectator guesses correctly with no outside help!

Ultra Easy Deck Switch-Mark's clever way of switching out a deck of cards that anyone can do! Very funny and very easy!