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The Leath Technique is a brilliantly simple one for all private 'readers'. It is based on an anagram technique but far easier than most previously written material. Only a few of the 42 pages are needed to teach it, the rest of the book concerns how to use it in everyday situations. Not a list of scripts to learn but instead, the student is subtly taught the actual mental processes required in handling and developing a reading, such as analyzing and working through the mental calculations required to give a meaningful reading.

David has a different slant to most writers and the book is not filled with those perfect examples that rarely happen when the student actually starts out giving readings. Although the technique is meantto be based on verbal use only, he has added a great section using Tarot cards as cribs (that is not an apt description as so much defies a proper description).
When certain books appeared on the market such as Reading Cards for Clients by Ron Cain, those published by Joe Riding , Ron Martin and Richard Webster, they were seen to be different from the hitherto norm. Both Charles Cameron and I viewed David's work in this class.

To recap, the book, The Leath Technique, is all about cold reading but in such a way that EVERY reading is deeply personal to each sitter only. No rehash of a standard script etc. After learning the technique (1 chapter), David then takes the reader through a very concise course on how to weave the reading. Firstly you appear to 'home in' on the sitters area of concern and then answer their thought of question or concern (without the need for a 'center-tear etc.). This DOES have a profound effect.The bookis written in a simplistic way because David wanted everything to be clearly understoodby both a complete beginner student or those more experienced ones. The type of readings discussed in the book are not the all too common 'character' readings. Also, David's approach is to address peoples worries/concerns/problems for them, not just make a high score of 'hits'.

Just a short extract.
"The technique discussed in the following pages is really for the use of 'private' readers. Those brave people who earn their living by reading the Tarot Cards, Palmistry, Psychometry etc. They take on the worries and problems of the world and try to help people deal with their lives. In fact, quite a daunting task when one stops to think about it."
"There is no doubt that this can be quite a serious subject, and should be treated with respect. If you are one of the many out there who just want to earn income by purporting to be 'gifted' but just take the money and then recite a standard script, this technique is not intended for you."
"In the following pages, I will discuss a technique that has been used in many forms by mentalists over the years. Building on my experience though, I have developed the technique for the purpose of one to one question and answer sessions without the need for any accoutrements as well as greatly simplifying it for the user."
"To be more specific, someone will be able to think of a question, nothing is written down, and you will gradually appear to understand their question or concern and to offer advice, that is, to discuss their options, thoughts and feelings and perhaps help them to make THEIR OWN DECISIONS!"


It's not another book rehashed from others. My late good friend, Charles Cameron and I had the pleasure of reading the first drafts a few years ago and we had to goad David into completing it. Charles was looking forward to seeing the final product and writing the foreward to it as he viewed it as bomshell material. We both talkd about it at length over the phone and one of his last comments which I can remember was, "I've read over it again Karl and it's just brilliant, David is one hell of a guy".

The Leath Technique has no boundaries and is quite universal. Whoever you are, wherever you live and from wherever your sitter is from, this technique and the handling of it will work.

On strict instructions, this book is not being sold 'on masse'!

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