Half-Baked - Complete Collection (1-12)


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Details: Want to be more creative with your magic?

Half-Baked was the first publication dedicated to boosting your magical creativity. Put yourself on the leading edge of magical innovation and read the ideas direct out of the brains of the creators. Learn how to increase your own creativity, and get a fresh flow of new inspiration.

Each of the 12 issues of Half-Baked feature articles on creative techniques, and a notebook filled with unfinished ideas for tricks, methods, presentations and more.

Contributions came from magicians across the world, many who were relatively unknown at the time, but some who have gone on to become creative superstars in the magic world.Kevin James, Tomas Blomberg, Andi Gladwin, Nathan Kranzo, and Luke Dancywho provided a complete one-man issue to close off the series.

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A single PDF file containing all 12 issues, originally published from 2000 to 2003, weighing in at 136 pages. Each issue is presented in its original form.

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