Tyler Erickson Masterclass Live 1-3


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Session 1 - February 4, 2024 (4pm ET | NYC Time)
In Week 1, Tyler will be explaining a well-designed, practical Coins Across routine chosen specifically to help illustrate many of the core principles of magic choreography and design. It’s a mini-masterclass on how to utilize your performance surface to your greatest advantage.

Not to be overlooked are his innovations on an almost angle-proof Click Pass and tips on using the Classic Palm. Those who enjoy this level of detail will also treasure the Lightning Leipzig section in which Tyler details the real work on holding a truly invisible break. This is one of those details that can be an absolutely game-changer to your card magic, especially for those who do a pinky count.

Undoubtedly though, the surprise stunner of Week 1 for most magicians will likely be Tyler’s chapstick routine for impromptu situations when you only have a few seconds to dazzle someone. This will undoubtedly be a new favorite EDC for many of you.

Session 2 - February 11, 2024 (4pm ET | NYC Time)
Warm up your hands before Week 2 because Tyler will be diving deep into his knowledge of hardcore—but tremendously useful—card sleights. If you’re currently not looking to learn any hard moves, don’t worry. While the sleights are covered in tremendous detail, the surrounding ideas on theory, choreography, and motivation are incredibly helpful for improving your performance as a whole. As always, the emphasis is on working surrounded or close to it, so your efforts will be good for more than just a webcam.

Tyler will also be letting loose one of his most cherished secrets—a nearly instantaneous Diagonal Palm Shift. This unique variation does not telegraph compared to many other versions, and you’ll be learning a direct Card Under Box routine so you can put it into action right away. This is ridiculously beautiful, and a must-watch for anyone who is a fan of sleight-of-hand card magic. Also included is a pass designed for the standing performer, invisible to a seated audience from almost any angle… Including underneath! (Super useful for the stage or strolling)

Week 2 even covers a modern classic: Sponge Balls. Much like the previously taught Coins Across, this brief routine was specifically chosen to be both strong and practical, but also because it is a perfect way to leverage a false transfer for maximum impact. Tyler shares his Retention of Vision transfer, which not only looks great head-on, but also from both the right and left! He also includes the Al Schneider Transfer, one of the best sleights for universal application, and his preferred first choice when it comes to basics.

Best of all, Tyler is joined by his good friend and long term student (since he was 8!) Nick Diffatte. Nick purposefully chose not to revisit the Coins Across and Sponge Routine he had learned long ago, specifically so you could see what had stuck and what had gotten rusty. This gives the session a human feel, where you can get a sneak peek into professional training and the real-time discussions it provokes.

Live Q&A - February 25, 2024 (4pm ET | NYC Time)
Join Tyler live on Zoom to ask him any questions you have about the Masterclass or improving your magic in general.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This Q&A is happening 2 weeks after the final lecture as opposed to the usual week after.