Tumbleweed by Brent Braun and Andy Glass


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"This is a trick that checks all the boxes for me: Easy to do, easy to understand, and it has a devastating effect on your audience!"
- Rick Holcombe

"Looks so good I fooled myself practicing...twice!"
- Bhavish Malkani

Everyone knows that jokers are wild.

Tumbleweed makes Jokers more wild than ever. With this effect, Brent Braun & Just Andy have taken Dai Vernon's popular Twisting the Aces plot and turned it on its head.

We're not saying that Brent and Andy are smarter, more talented, or better-looking than Vernon, but they did come up with a method to make the twisting effect easier, more visual, and more baffling than ever.

Tumbleweed uses just four cards and minimal sleight of hand. A packet of four Jokers turn over one by one, mixing themselves up until your audience's brains are scrambled.

Easy to learn, and easy to master

You'll carry Tumbleweed with you for the rest of your life.

"One of the cleanest and hardest hitting packet effects I've performed in a long time. 10/10."
- Ryan Daniels

"Such a fooler and so easy to learn. After watching the explanation with a bit of practice you'll be frying brains in less than an hour."
- Christopher Seaton

"So simple, yet so perplexing and with just a couple of cards. For me, this is a no brainer. Bonus points for being super easy to do!"
- David Em