The Three Pillars of Classic Force Recovery by Steven Keyl


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The Three Pillars of Classic Force Recovery by Steven Keyl (Instant Download)

Start actually using the classic force today!



The classic force is generally regarded as the most natural and convincing of all card forces. Yet it is one of the least used. Why Because people assume that it isn't 100% surefire and reliable.

Many struggle with the classic force because somewhere in the back of their mind they hear the little gremlins of self-doubt say, "What are you going to do if you MISS ! "

This video is designed for all the people that want to use the classic force but worry about all the things that could go wrong. The "3 pillars of recovery" is a system covering all contingencies yet still allows you to force a card in the most casual and deceptive manner possible.


Each pillar deals with a different strategy of recovering from a situation where the spectator "takes the wrong card." You can mix and match these different strategies or you may find that one of them resonates so strongly with you that you don't need the others--and that's fine!

After working through the nearly 70 minutes of material you will be so comfortable and confident that you will begin to ACTUALLY USE the classic force! And there's no way to put a price on that... oh, wait, there is... $9.95.

Note: While the classic force itself is briefly covered, this video is really focused on all of the situations where things may not go exactly as planned... AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT THEM! For an in-depth look at the classic force itself, there are several resources to choose from, most notably Paul Green's DVD on the classic force.