The Challenge by Mario Lopez


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FISM winner Mario Lopez and his father Paco Lopez have produced a new artistic masterpiece that got our attention at Stevens Magic so much, so we negotiated the exclusive. Let Mario fool you with his exclusive take on the Chinese Charming Challenge. Watch the Trailer. And then get yours to fool your viewers as well… We are proud to offer you this magical masterpiece a personal favorite of Stevens Magic. Reserve yours at a preferential price now before it’s too late! While previous versions are time-tested killers, The Challenge tops them all. Joe and I love effects like these – we refer to them as (RIFOYE) “Right in Front of your Eyes.” Any effect that allows you to work in this “perfect visual canvas” pays off in spades for your spectators. You can’t get better positioning for a magic effect!
It’s so powerful because it’s clean, visual and the magic happens right in front of their eyes! Everything is easily discernable and right out in front. If you are a performer, you understand exactly why I’m putting so much emphasis on this. love magic effects that right in your face. You don’t have to look down, you don’t have to worry about angles.
Basic Effect: Magician introduces a brightly colored red ribbon next; he threads a silver dollar sized Chinese coin through one of the ends of the ribbon and allows it to fall to its resting place where it stops because the cord has locked it (since it is threaded through the hole of the coin). Yet the Chinese coin magically melts thru the ribbon. It’s impossible – but you just witnessed “matter thru matter.”
Product comes with two different routines but once you become familiar with it you can apply your own creative ideas.
Comes with a 60-minute tutorial that leaves nothing untouched.
What the Pros say:
“This is the MOST magical moment I’ve felt in years.” –Chris Ramsay
“I’m the president of the Mario Lopez Fan Club. I love his work!!” – Kevin James
“Mario’s ideas always go beyond the trick itself. It’s not about whether or not the coin goes through the string. It’s about the mix of sensations in each phase of the presentation. The challenge is a beautiful magic act, solved in a clever, visual and entertaining way.” – Luis Olmedo
“Mario’s magic is very unique. He challenges old principles of trickery and expands on his own; making classic effects even more impossible.” – Card Shark