"SECRET MENTAL POWERS" Miracle of Mind Magic Course


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Miracle of Mind Magic Course

The Impossible Is Now Possible!

You Can Succeed in 

Business • Marriage • Love • Sex

. . . by trying the simple method that has been a closely guarded secret for   centuries. This exciting course teaches you how!

At last you can stop wondering how. . .

• Some people seem to cure themselves of "incurable" ailments

• Others become multi-millionaires in a few short years

• Below-average students win big scholarships to prestige schools

• Outsiders pick stocks that start to skyrocket almost overnight    

. . . to mention just a few. 

The author of this course studied this phenomenon for over two decades and discovered that these people had used secret mental powers that practically guaranteed success, and that lie within the grasp of every one of us.

This fantastic course reveals that secret and shows you how you can change your life overnight and make the impossible come true in your career, marriage, health and sex life!

This secret knowledge will shatter many conventional self-help theories and techniques that well-meaning self-help guru's, motivational experts and success coaches have been teaching the past 50 years. And why have they not been teaching it Simply because they have never learned it themselves!

As you know, there are numerous personal development systems based on positive thinking, visualization, affirmations, etc. etc., and whilst these work well and good for many people, for many others they lead to a dead end and disappointment. The reason for this is that most of them are lacking a key ingredient. 

What this course can do for you . . . 

Dr. Frank Young discovered that some persons had cured themselves of seemingly incurable diseases, simply with a secret mental power. 

When he was in business he had already discovered that some persons had become multimillionaires with a secret mental power. 

When he was a competing athlete he had discovered that some of them had broken world records with a secret mental power. 

When he was on the stage he had discovered that some actors and actresses had become stage idols with a secret mental power. 

As an author he had discovered that some writers had conceived best-sellers with a secret mental power. 

As a research student in several leading colleges and universities he had discovered that some students easily won big scholarships with a secret mental power. 

As an investor he had discovered that some ordinary people without formal training picked out fast-growth stocks with a secret mental power. 

In practically everything in life, in fact, there were people who reaped astronomical successes with a secret mental power, with which they easily swept past seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Frank Young decided to find the miracle trigger of their successful mind magic.

The Search for the Miracle Trigger

For twenty-five years Frank Young studied and refined the different methods which so many of these people used to achieve their ends. But, he found, it was not only the methods they used that counted, but how they "triggered" them. Without the right trigger they could not even start to get benefits. With his special scientific knowledge of the mind and body, Young experimented for years until he unravelled the secret of the unsuspected power of the conscious mind—a power which hundreds of leading scientific investigators have discovered is equal to, and even greater than, that of hypnosis, psychic power, the computer, brain-wave machines, or whatever. But it needed the right trigger! That's when Frank Young discovered the secret Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator. He confided it to hundreds of people and was amazed at the successful results these people secured for themselves.

The Secret of the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator

With the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator, otherwise average people achieved "miracles" in attaining wealth, in their careers, in social life, in marriage, in controlling their nervous tensions and worries, in profitable concentration of mind, in controlling others, in self-protection, in wise future action, in popularity, in sensible judgment, in timing perfectly in life, in routing nagging pains and minor illnesses, in regaining sexual vitality, in mastering new skills, and in self-rejuvenation. With it they achieved "miracles" which others rivalled only with brain-splitting effort, incredible luck, or fantastic psychic power. Yet, with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator, these otherwise average people achieved incredible successes with their secret mental powers.

In order for them to use the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator in a natural manner, Young taught them how to flood themselves with their fondest dreams in an instant, so that their bodies would respond to them in physiological language. These people then simply drew this tissue language into their conscious minds, and their powers for immediate success in anything whatsoever multiplied fantastically.

With secret mental powers you don't have to tap your subconscious mind, resort to hypnosis, or strain to develop tension-creating will power. Once you trigger your conscious mind with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator as set out in this course, your nerves, your glands, your muscles, your actions, will be given the big, invisible push to hurl you into successful action.

With Dr. Young's secret Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator, people like you have started accomplishing all that seemed impossible for them before. 

Here are some examples detailed in the course: 

1. How businessman Donald Z. came back from disaster to make far more money—and easier than ever.

2. How Steve K. made seemingly miraculous repairs and grew rich.

3. How John B. tamed his giant accoster in the flick of an eye.

4. How laid-off Leo D. constructed a practical article for teenage play and retired permanently from his job.

5. How hesitant Jack M. turned into a rousing speaker in an instant.

6. How Stanley V. subdued his ulcers with a routing thought.

7. How Marcia L. controlled her "nerves" by lowering her heart rate with a compelling picture-thought.

8. How trampled-down Harry B. aroused the keen respect of his overbearing superiors—and was soon promoted into an executive position.

9. How Donna M. freed herself from a devilish love enslavement, and married a man who adored her.

10. How homely, middle-aged, ignored Sarah P. made an attractive $70,000-a-year income man see her as a ravishing young beauty.

11. How Esther F. ended the suicidal tendency of her failing college student son and raised him to the honor roll.

12. How Bill K. saved himself from a long, disastrous layoff by enthralling his greatest enemy swiftly.

13. How Elmer T., on the verge of legal catastrophe, recalled neglected vital evidence suddenly and saved himself.

14. How Larry N. raised his I.Q. into that of an executive genius in seconds.

15. How Austin J. led his company into amazing profits during a recession.

16. How fifty-one-year-old Sheila C. accurately foresaw for the future a delightful, $20,000-a-year part-time self-employment career, for which she could prepare in her spare lime.

17. How Hector K. grew rich easily by calculating his company's best business moves like a seer.

18. How Edward A. relieved his nagging headache with a simple thought.

19. How Alvin Z., who had trouble sleeping, slept at night like a log.

20. How middle-aged Jane L. stayed young despite her youth-robbing work.

You yourself can achieve what these people did—and even more. Let Frank Young teach you the different methods (scientifically refined) which these people used to attain their amazing successes. Trigger the secret mental power for each with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator and make the seemingly impossible in your life come true. 

You require no expensive equipment with possible side effects—no gadgets and no pills. You need just yourself—and the easy secret trigger to detonate your dynamic physiological language swiftly.