School of Magic Vol 7 with Gaetan Bloom


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School of Magic Vol 7 with Gaetan Bloom

Alexandra and Dominique Duvivier present Gaetan Bloom! 
Learn magic easily! 
A great professional shares his tips! 

- The Parking Disc 
- The Multiplying Tray 
- The Three Silks 
- The Three Objects 
- Eddie Fields' Trick 
- Water into Wine 
- The Matchbook 
- Do as I Do 
- The Omelet in the Hat 
- Thread and Matches 
- Traveling Salt 
- Houdini's Magic Puzzle 
- The Water Bottle 
- Tray, Eggs, Glasses 
- The Volatilizing Card 
- The Needle
- Tubes and Balls

- Easy to learn, easy to do 
- Dazzling tricks with everyday objects 
- Clear and detailed explanations 
- DVD NTSC Multizone 
- More than 3 hours of magic 
- Recorded live