One For the Bar by Chris Korn


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One For the Bar by Chris Korn
[size=1.1em]Chris Korn has performed all over the world and is the star of three worldwide television specials. His material is closely guarded, which is why Vanishing Inc Magic is proud to release two of his "pet" routines. "One for the Bar" may seem like a casual but amazing card transposition between a selection and a bar napkin. But think about it again. The spectator NAMES any number and the transposition occurs AT THIS NUMBER. It's an incredibly smart method, and a memorable effect. The best part It's extremely easy to do! If you perform behind a bar or in a restaurant setting, you can add this to your repertoire instantly.
[size=1.1em]Korn is considered one of the finest coin magicians in the world, and "Bite Me" is the way he often ends a coin set. You take a coin and eat it. It's a lovely moment–a cross of geek magic and a gag. He tips all the work on how to make it happen.