Mental Die-Mensional By Sudo Nimh


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Mental Die-Mensional By Sudo NimhDescription
A new revolution in mental die effects has arrived.
Forget your electronic and expensive gimmicked die sets that only use one die. Forget not being able to perform these effects without your special apparatushandy. Imagine being able to do this with NORMAL dice…and 100% impromptu.
That day has finally come.
Everyone has purchased pipe dreams or effects that they forgot about after a short while, but this is a strong routine that you’ll likely be doing for the rest of your life. Over the years, Sudo has developed a number of methods that achieve similar results – which he has occasionally shared with others, but he hasn’t shared this effect until now. Mental Die-Mensional is arguably the finest divination with ungimmicked dice to date.
Effect: Offering to demonstrate the difference between intuition and thought-reading, you jot down a premonition on a business card to test your intuitive abilities which you leave face-down in front of your participant.
You hand them two dice and turn your back. The participant makes three rolls with the dice, silently totaling the rolls as they do so and without ever once saying a word. They are then asked to cover each die when finished – one die under each hand. You turn back around…
For the first time, the participant announces their total. Your premonition is turned face-up…
Unbelievably, they match! Occasionally you might miss. But much of the time you won’t. Such are the breaks when one is relying solely on intuition alone.
But now you do the impossible. You ask the participant which die they would like you to reveal first…the one under their right hand or the one under their left. You ask them to visualize the die under the chosen hand…
… and immediately reveal the number on the die under the chosen hand with NO funny business whatsoever!
You then reveal the number on the die hidden under their other hand – immediately. And once again, with no funny business.
And THAT, is the difference between intuition and thought-reading!
You will literally know the numbers hidden on the dice almost immediately and without even asking a single question or needing to do anything upon turning around.
This is surely Sudo’s  finest thinking to date. Many Mystery Performers didn’t believe that it was possible or as clean as described until it was demonstrated for them…and they were shocked. It really is exactly as described.
Key Points:
  • the dice are completely normal
  • the totals are freely rolled
  • the results are different every time – no force is used
  • the performer truly doesn’t see anything
  • the participant writes nothing down
  • absolutely 100% impromptu
  • easy to do
  • repeatable, without fear of discovery
  • works every time without fail
  • can even be performed over text, voice, or video chat!
If you’re looking for a powerful impromptu Mentalism routine – this is it. You can borrow the dice as they are ungimmicked, but most people will likely want to carry around a set after learning this fantastic routine. It is the very definition of the term “worker”. Next time you have a game night, you’ll be prepared to stun everyone with this miracle! This a powerhouse routine in any Magician or Mentalist’s impromptu repertoire.