Luke Jermay - Fire & Ice - A Unique Show Piece


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Fire and Ice is a powerhouse performance piece that is close to my heart. I have loved performing this routine and the reactions it has generated for me in large theatres, small intimate performances and everywhere in between.

The routine is built around a classic piece of ‘body magic’ that is powerful, reliable and very rarely seen. It has the potential to become a signature piece for you, as it is unique and amazing! Most importantly it allows you to champion and celebrate the astonishing power of an audience members mind and body connection.

The basic effect is simple: an audience member is able to hold their hand in a freezing cold tank of ice for an astonishing amount of time, thanks to the unique magical power you empower them with. This simple description does not do justice to the theatrical qualities and impact of this performance piece.

The real magic here, is the professional script that I examine and explain in detail, alongside the inner workings of this remarkable and simple demonstration.

The demonstration uses simple, cheap and un-gimmicked props: a clear plastic tank, ice cubes and a small amount of water. You make the magic with the delivery, drama and script.

I hope you love this as much as I do and I hope you use it to generate remarkable experiences for your audiences!