Howard Hamburg - The D Notes


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Howard Hamburg - The D Notes
"Many individuals have requested that I share some of my thinking concerning the art of magic, as well as, sharing some personal stories involving my friend Dai Vernon, who blessed me with his friendship from 1970 until his death in 1992. I'm also delighted to share with you some of my favorite effects." - Howard Hamburg
This booklet, beautifully written and illustrated, is divided into two sections. The first section delivers a wonderful personal and historical account of Howard's days as a friend and student of Dai Vernon, complete with stories and photographs not generally known or seen among the fraternity. Howard relates these stories in a fashion that will captivate you just as he mesmerized everyone in that lecture room- including the story behind the very title of his booklet: "D". I don't want to ruin that for you, but let me say that it was one of the most touching, (and revealing) stories I've ever heard concerning Dai Vernon.
The second section is the Magic! You are in for a treat. I only wish that you could have been in the audience that day, as we were ALL fooled soundly by Mr. Hamburg. As he performs these wonderful items, you sense the years of tutelage and exposure to the master; and Howard's contemporaries at the Magic Castle in those days. Not one stone unturned in these routines honed to entertain and fool your audience badly! And here's the good part, not one a knuckle buster! Howard does magic that is for the real world, and magic that leaves people happy to have been so wonderfully fooled. And he did the same for a room full of magicians. My personal favorite is "Hidden Prediction", a devious masterpiece that unfolds right under your audience's nose, and finally reaches up and smacks them right on the forehead! Happily, it's a smack that leaves them absolutely delighted, as I'm confident you will be as you explore this little masterpiece, "D". (written by Jack Carpenter)
Hidden Prediction: After a series of cuts and shuffles, 5 cards seem to have been randomly selected. When the value of the cards is added up, it matches the amount of change placed on the table before the trick began.
Perfect Poker: A "straight" hand in poker is shuffled into the deck by a spectator. Under extremely fair conditions, the magician deals the hand to himself. This is repeated while explaining he will use a center deal.
Taste of Curry: Two packets of 10 cards are offered to a spectator in A-10 order. One of the packets is secured with a rubber band and placed in a pocket and the other packet is mixed. In the end though, the order of both packets match.
Clipped: An ambitious card effect in which the top card is marked with a paper clip and visibly seen to rise to the top of the deck. The clipped card is then handed to a spectator and yet still rises to the top of the deck - providing a nice in-the-hands transposition.
Aces Galore: A card is freely selected and lost back into the deck. The magician then proceeds to produce an Ace in a very elegant and flashy manner. He continues by producing all four Aces with the selection sandwiched between two.