Forsee The Future by Devin Knight


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DISCLAIMER: This ebook will teach you proven methods to remember dreams. It will teach you how to have lucid dreams and how to remember the content of those dreams. It will show you techniques that the author and others have used to see actual newspaper headlines in their dreams. Although the author and others have had success with some of these headlines coming true, there is no guarantee the newspaper headlines you dream will come true. This ebook will show you the proper technique for seeing newspapers in your dreams. The material in this ebook may be considered controversial by some readers. Although, there are recorded instances where the headlines did come true, it cannot be claimed with 100% accuracy that these occurrences were psychic phenomena. There is a chance these occurrences were amazing coincidences. The author does not guarantee or imply that the reader will have the same amount of success he has had with these techniques.

Here is an ebook from Devin Knight that reveals a secret technique that has been closely guarded for over 20 years. You might say it is the missing piece of the puzzle to his headline prediction books. Until now, the secret was only shared with Al Mann, who briefly mentioned it in his Incredible Feats of Jason Michaels. Now the full technique is being released.

Both Al Mann and Devin Knight recommended when doing headline predictions that one of the predictions be wrong so you did not appear too perfect. Otherwise, people would think it was a trick. Devin always missed one prediction for this very reason.

Now the amazing thing was that many times his missed prediction would come true a few weeks later, much to the surprise of skeptics. How could that have been a trick? His most famous is a missed prediction from 1986, where he predicted a gas line explosion in New York State, the incredible thing was that three weeks later, a headline was "Gas Line Explosion in NJ," he was off by one letter and the town was only 20 miles from New York state line.

Surveys show that 50% of the general population reports that they have experienced at least one recent precognitive dream. A precognitive dream means a dream that exhibits knowledge of the future that the dreamer could not have obtained via normal channels.

With this thought in mind, Devin set about to create a way that he hoped would help him increase his odds of having precognitive dreams. In the early 80s, he developed a technique that allowed people to experience lucid dreams in which they would see newspapers in their dreams. Not only that, but they could also read the headlines, and remember them when they awoke!

Devin mastered this technique and began writing the headlines he saw on the newspapers in his dreams. He wanted to see if any came true. Not all of them did, but some did come to pass. Were these incredible coincidences or real psychic predictions?

Skeptics say they are just coincidences, but Devin feels that our minds can show us things in our dreams and uses this technique regularly. In this ebook, he will teach you proven techniques developed by sleep researchers that will show you how to have lucid dreams in which you will not only see newspapers, but also be able to read the headlines and remember them!

What does Devin do with this headlines he has snatched from the dream world? He uses them as missed predictions in his Glass Box routine. If the missed headline comes true in a week or so, then he gets more publicity. If it does not, then no harm is done.

He also does Dr. Hoy's Hurling the Headlines effect, where at the end of the show, Devin calls out five to seven dream headlines, telling the audience they will see these headlines in the newspapers over the next few weeks. When one hits the audience will remember that Devin predicted that!

Whether you believe that dreams can foretell the future is not important. This ebook will teach you proven ways to remember your dreams and how to control what you dream. It will also teach you how to be aware you are dreaming and allow you to do what you want to in the dream. Yes, you can be in total control of your dream when you are aware you are in a dream! This information alone is worth the price of the e-book.

Stop Reporters Dead In Their Tracks
After doing a headline prediction, many reporters are out to expose it as a trick. Reading this e-book can put a stop to that. All reporters will ask you HOW you knew the future. If you say, you are a psychic; some will be against you and try to prove you are not. Enter Devin's dream ploy. Simply explain to the reporter that you see newspaper headlines in your dreams and explain the technique to him. This technique sounds plausible and believable. If the reporter went home and tried the technique, he too would see newspaper headlines in his dreams!

The reporter no longer tries to prove it is a trick, because he thinks he knows how it was done. He can do the technique and prove it to himself if he wants to. This information is a gold mine for the working mentalist.

Generate Great Radio Publicity
After one headline prediction, Devin was invited to be interviewed on a local radio show. During the interview, he explained in detail, how the listening audience, could see headlines in their dreams. He invited them to try it during the coming week. He said he would be back on the show next week and would be looking forward to hearing from the listeners about their successes. The following week, the phones were ringing off the hook with people calling in saying they dreamt headlines that appeared in the papers later that week. Whether they really did is immaterial, the fact is it created great publicity for Devin and you can do the same thing.

Easily Create New Magic Effects
Magicians often wonder how Devin dreams up so many new and original effects in such a short time. The secret is that he literally dreams them up and will teach you how to do it too in this e-book. Using the technique you will learn in this e-book, Devin tells himself before going to sleep that he will see himself in a dream doing a new effect. He goes to sleep and while sleeping he will see himself performing this new effect in his dreams. When he awakens, he remembers the dream using the techniques taught in the book. Because it was him that he saw performing, he already knows the method. How cool is that?

This book is not only for mentalists and magicians, but also for lay people who would like to experiment with dream techniques that could possibly show you the future.

"One might think this book is highly controversial and doesn't fit the realm of method-based mentalism. Regardless, I invite readers to keep an open mind and delve into the subject matter, and read what Devin Knight has to say. Give it a try. I know I will. If it works, then it could very well revolutionize the way you would do headline predictions."
- Robert Marsi