Force Project COMPLETE by Dani DaOrtiz 1-12


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Dani DaOrtiz has spent a lifetime studying the art of forcing a spectator to select a card. Now, he is putting that entire lifetime of knowledge into a single easy-to-follow course where you get a one-on-one experience as his student. Learn how to give your audience the illusion of freedom while you have complete control over the cards they select. This is The Force Project with Dani DaOrtiz.

Over the course of a year, you will learn, discover, and enjoy card force concepts and techniques from several points of view. In each chapter, you will learn a new, never before published, effect that will serve as an example to talk about what really matters. In each chapter, you will become privy to a new secret and new card-forcing technique.

Back by popular demand is his new teaching system. The What. The How. The Why. Each chapter is divided into these three parts to not only streamline your learning experience but also make repeated viewing of the lessons easier than before.

Every chapter starts off with The What. This is an uncut performance of the featured effect. Dani performs the trick for some of his students in a private studio environment. You’ll be able to see the effect as only Dani can perform it.

As soon as you have seen the effect performed, you will learn The How. Dani immediately teaches you the core secret to how the effect works and the card force that is the key principle. It’s a direct explanation of the method, so you can start practicing right away. This is a perfect introduction to the effect for anyone learning it for the first time, and also an easy way for anyone who wants to go back and relearn the effect to get directly to the secret for a quick refresher course.

The last section of the lesson is The How. This is an in-depth study of the psychology, the performance details, and the feel of the trick as well as the Force. The How is where you learn the true secrets of forcing a playing card. You’ll learn theory, moves, and effect construction so that you have a complete understanding of the effects that Dani is sharing for the very first time.

The Force Project is a one-year-long master class that will take your magic to the next level. Beginner magicians will be introduced to mind-expanding concepts that will help them grow in their magic. Experienced magicians will appreciate the nuggets of wisdom that have taken Dani DaOrtiz to the very top of the pack in the world of magic. Join Dani DaOrtiz now in The Force Project.