Flick Box by Yuji Enei


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Transform, vanish, produce, and teleport cards, cash, and billets with just a flick of your finger. This utility device completely sold out at Magic Live and has created viral videos across social media. This is Flick Box by Yuji Enei and Lumos Magic.

Flick Box is an incredibly easy-to-use utility device that uses a card box to visually transform anything displayed under the cellophane. Display a king under the cellophane, and with just a flick, it transforms into an ace. Doodle a bunch of nonsense under a billet, display it under the cellophane, and with just a flick, the doodle transforms into a word or revelation. Flick Box is insanely visual and easy to use. Flick Box will work with anything that you can display under the cellophane of a card box; the only limit is your imagination.

When you purchase Flick Box, you receive the special gimmick that can be installed in a red Bicycle deck box. You also receive a refill set so you can move the gimmick to another case if yours gets damaged. The one-time setup will allow you to perform Flick Box hundreds of times. The method is crazy, and practicing Flick Box is as much fun as performing it. Flick Box is incredible for in-person performances and also gets crazy reactions on social media. Transform, vanish, and produce incredible magic with just a flick when you perform Flick Box by Yuji Enei and Lumos Magic.