Dream Drink by Colin & Heiman


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Experience the Magic Pot effect using a single ordinary carton of milk. Effortlessly produce an array of different liquids with practical handling.

Notes: The set exclusively includes the crucial gimmicks. You will need to provide the carton of milk, various liquids, and cups, all of which are standard everyday items.

The act of pouring different beverages from the same container is an ancient magic trick found in books and stories from various cultures dating back over 2000 years. Throughout history, this effect has remained mysterious and captivating.

In ancient China, legends also revolved around this effect, including the famous "Yin Yang Dual-Chambered Pot," which has been featured in numerous movies and TV series.

In 2019, magician Lu Chen dazzled the audience with Wolfgang Moser's FISM runner-up routine "The Magic Pot" at the China Spring Festival Gala, drawing widespread attention to this incredible effect.

Fueled by fascination, Colin and Heiman studied this effect in-depth, aiming to develop their unique version. After countless experiments and improvements, they created one of the most practical and magical versions of this effect: Dream Drink.