Dexterity Manual By Justin Higham


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Dexterity Manual By Justin Higham
2 Foreword
3 The Anti-Gravity Shift: A one-handed pass as featured on Benjamin Earl's 'Past Midnight' DVD
4 Covers & Applications for the A.G. Shift
8 One-Handed Slip Pass
8 One-Handed Pull-Out
9 Around-the-Deck Reversal
10 Fake Zarrow Shuffle: For those who haven’t mastered a real one. Two versions.
12 Svengali-ish Convincer
12 Up-the-Ladder Finesse
13 Multiple Undershuffle
14 Deal Shuffle
15 Logical Strip-Cut Force: flexible and deceptive force of one or more cards.
16 Logical Strip Discovery
16 Illogical Strip-Cut Force
17 Illogical Strip Cut Aces
17 Sympathetic Triumph
18 Illogical Spread Force
19 One Handed IDF
20 One Handed Flip Over Force
20 False Throw Cut Force
20 Illogical False Throw Cut Force
21 Illogical Riffle Force
22 Third-Eye Force
23 Tilted Fake Removal
24 CO2: bold no-palm version of C.O. Williams' popular card-to-pocket.
25 Cognitive Transpositon
27 Biddle Appearance
27 Biddle Appearance Sandwich: Two buried Kings instantly appear on top of deck with a selection sandwiched between them
28 Biddle Appearance Collectors
29 Chinatown Bluff
31 Jungian Poker: spectator thinks of one of five cards, and thought-of card is produced along with its matching straight-flush cards
33 Longitudinal Monte
36 Mini Faro – Pseudo Centers
38 Spectator Cuts a Run of Seven: version of 'Spectator Cuts the Aces'
41 Digital Poker: full house is pulled from a shuffled, pocketed deck, interlaced between the fingers
43 Digital Aces
43 No-Palm Digital Poker
43 Subconscious Culling
45 Riffle-Shuffle Sandwich
46 Spectator Shuffled Sandwich
47 The Magician, The Fool, and The Wheel of Fortune: names of three Tarot cards are spelt in any chosen order to arrive at three playing-cards
51 Off-Center Coincidence: Two selections turn up together
53 Pseudo Topper: impromptu version of Marlo's 'Mental Topper'
54 Sense of Touch Location
57 The NoBo Lie Detector: including methods by Kevin Baker
65 Intuitive 21-Card Trick: entire trick is done with the cards face down.
21 One-Handed Flip-Over Force
22 Third-Eye Force
23 Tilted Fake Removal
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