Cryptext 2.5 by Haim Goldenberg + New Font


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Discover Cryptext, game-changer in magic! Created by the Haim Goldenberg, this is the secret behind jaw-dropping moments performed by top magicians world wide.

"Cryptext" is a special font that transforms numbers into words (and vice versa) with a simple flip. Imagine the gasps when a random number suddenly reveals a hidden message or someone's name. It's the ultimate mentalism tool that fits any show, big or small, funny or serious.

Easy to use and affordable, "Cryptext" is perfect for every magician or mentalist. Get ready to amaze with predictions and reveals that look impossible. Plus, you'll get exclusive tips from magic's biggest names on how to make the most of it.

Don't miss out! Be the magician who leaves everyone speechless. Get your hands on "Cryptext 2.5" now and unlock the power of magic like never before.