Crazy Chinese Coins


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The Moving Hole Effect has been popular in the magic community for decades; almost everyone is familiar with it. Simply put, it is an effect where a magician's finger drags a small hole on an object, much like dragging an icon on a touch screen, and the hole magically moves to a different position.

Magicians are eager to create various moving hole gaffs, and there can be dozens of versions of the most popular card moving hole, not to mention other versions using credit cards, wooden sticks, keys, or any other object that can be drilled or has a hole.

Artisan Coin & Jimmy Fan are particularly interested in the coin moving hole effect, which dates back to the 1980s. After studying it for a long time, we thought the routine could be more complete, practical, and interesting, so the Crazy Chinese Coins was born.

Crazy Chinese Coins is a series of moving hole effects using the coin holes of ancient Chinese coins. The magician shows four ancient coins, and the coin holes move from the center of the coins to the edge, jump from one coin to another, or even duplicate the holes over an entire coin.

The routine has been carefully polished by Jay Wang and Jimmy Fan. Each step involves audience participation, and they can feel the effects with their hands. After the performance, all the coins can be given to the audience for inspection or further appreciation.