Clapper Card by Sonny Boom


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One of the most unique card magic visuals you'll ever see. Brought to you by the creator of "Crash Joker 2.0", "Clapper Card" is another piece of hyper visual magic from Sonny Boom.

Show a card on both sides, and extend 2 fingers in front of the face. Open the fingers to see the card and close them again. When you reopen then, the section between the fingers disappears. A weird and eerie visual. You can show that piece is really missing and even look through it.

Close the fingers, open them again, and the card is impossible unharmed. You can then get the playing card real close to the camera and no slits can be seen.

"Clapper Card" is a magic mechanical marvel. It takes just a few minutes to master and looks great on camera.

It's perfect for your social media magic videos. If you're performing close up magic shows or stage and parlor magic shows where the audience is in front of you, or even better, you're using a camera, you can even perform "Clapper Card" for a live audience in-person. It's like CGI movie magic in real life.