Chris Power and JJ - Laid Back Too


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"Laid Back Too" is the first video from JJ and Chris Power, international lecturers and publishers of 'OPUS' magazine. It features the award winning close-up magic they performed at the Magic Moment restaurant in London's West End. Items include:

1) Subtle Sandwich - deceptively straight forward routine.
2) Cointraption - JJ's coins thhrough the table routine with a difference.
3) Your Card, my card, anybody's card - full of laughs and devious deception
4) The Vanishing Deck - a lesson in misdirection
5) Fan Steal - stealing a playing card from the deck with this great move.
6) Ambitious Card Plus - a classic routine with a twist
7) Coins Through Silk - one of the most effective and beautiful pieces of sleight of hand magic around (comes with a silk too)
8) Turnover Pass