Boris Wild - Traveling Kiss


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- Complete with special Bicycle cards printed by US Playing Card Company.

- English instructions available online as HD videos detailing every step of the routine. You can then learn the effect everywhere by watching the explanations on any connected device (computer, tablet, smartphone, TV...).

Traveling Kiss is more than just a card trick. It is a guaranteed magical and romantic moment!

You show several blank cards on both sides.

A lady freely chooses one of the cards and places her hand over it.

You will never touch this card anymore.

You take the packet of remaining cards and ask the lady to close her eyes and kiss them.

Immediately, a kiss appears on the top card! But this kiss is ephemeral and it disappears a few seconds later in a smooth and aesthetic move.

Has it really vanished No, because the lady blows a kiss and it reappears on the card that she has kept under her hand from the beginning!

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