Blow Hard by Ryan Plunkett


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An entertaining and fooling modern twist on the classic light/heavy illusion. You’ll have as much fun performing this as your audiences will have watching it.

“Blow Hard” by Ryan Plunkett is the unique, in-one gem you’ve been looking for. It’s the perfect solution for any magician looking to add something a little different to their set.

Don’t let the compact size fool you either. “Blow Hard” is one of the easiest way to astound audiences of any size. It is the true definition of packs small, plays big.

“It’s rare to see an illusion as visceral as 'Blow Hard'. This one’s not just fooling. This one gets audible gasps.”
Michael Feldman

You place a vintage-looking wooden toy in your mouth and start blowing air through it, making the ball at the end hover in the air like "magic". Of course, it's not a real magic trick because your audience can clearly see how it's done.

...or so they think.

Their brains will melt as you tap the ball with the toy to show that it's actually solid. It is not light foam like they had assumed. They won’t believe their eyes OR ears when you then drop the ball and it hits the ground with a loud THUD.

This is an impressive moment on its own. But, you then take things to an entirely different level as you reveal that the ball is actually a delicate, real egg. Their jaws will drop to the floor as you crack the egg into a glass.

“‘Blow Hard’ has one of those rare moments in magic that sneaks up on you and then kicks you in the head.”
Brent Braun

Easy to do
Professional quality props
Perfect for any audience of any size
A ton of fun to perform
“‘Blow Hard’ starts as a silly sight gag and quickly transforms into a surreal piece of hard-hitting magic. A rare combo on the market that I love to see!”
Kyle Littleton

Offering multiple twists and turns combined with a stunning magical finale, “Blow Hard” is an excellent piece of magic that gives every audience a moment of pure joy. It’s a ton of fun to perform and you’ll find yourself looking for every opportunity to use it.

“Blow Hard” comes with all the necessary props (except for the real egg and glass). You’re really going to love how clever and motivated everything is, particularly the egg switch. The detailed video instructions teach you everything you need to get start practicing and performing right away.