Anthony Black - The Secret


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Details: The Secret:

Imagine asking three people (or more) to think of a secret...this could be something from childhood to something they did only yesterday.
They then see you begin to concentrate...and without asking for any information...

You then read their minds...and get it right!

Their deepest...darkest secrets...

There is NO way you could have possibly got this information...other than by Mind Reading.

Some things to think about:

*Nothing is written down by you or anyone else
*Can be performed blindfolded (my preferred style)
*Can be performed naked (not my preferred style)
*No pre-show involved
*No electronics
*No peeks
*No 'touching'
*No pumping
*No fishing
*No nothing 'extra' to buy or make!
*Suitable for stage or smaller parlour type settings
*Can be adapted to fit your own theme/persona/ideas and further routines
*It's powerful, simple and direct...mind reading at its purest.
*A reputation maker

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