Alexander Laguna - Artifice


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There are many holy grails in card magic in every magician repertoire, now Alexander will share one of his most favorite holy grails in card magic.

Imagine the performer has two spectators sitting next to him, as he hands the deck to one of the spectators to shuffle the deck, as the other spectator will close their eyes and ask to imagine a playing card in their head without even saying or looking at anything. The spectator with the shuffle deck and deal the cards as they can stop wherever they want face down, even the performer and the spectators can't see what card was stopped. For a surprise the spectator who was thinking of a card with his/her eyes close will guess the card that was dealt on the table.

-The effect is very easy to learn.

-This works 100% and the best part is that everything can be examined.

-No gimmicks needed.

-No stooges involved.

-It can be any card dealt and thought of.

-No need to handle the deck the entire time.Please Choose: Download Refund PolicyYes,I understand that this product is not eligible for a refund.