Alan Rorrison - A.D.A.C.A.N


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Alan Rorrison - A.D.A.C.A.N




The A.C.A.A.N routine has become some-what of a holy grail for most magicians. The effect is as simple as it gets; a deck is placed on the table, the spectator is invited to choose any card from within a deck along with any number between 1 and 52. They are then invited to count down to that number in the deck and, low and behold, the card they named is at that number. A simple plot, right So I need to ask a simple question; why are there so many methods out there so over thought
What sets my own apart Well when creating this i gave myself a very strict set of rules which are as follows.

Only one deck may be used
The deck may not be gimmicked
The deck may not be stacked
The deck can be borrowed and incomplete( missing cards)
You never handle the deck!
The spectator can shuffle it if they want
It had to take up as little pocket room as possible

In this download I do this and you get every detail you need to do an Any card at any number with a borrowed and shuffled deck. You do need something to facilitate the effect but it takes up next to no extra pocket space and it will allow you to repeat the effect with different cards and different numbers. This trully is an acaan where you NEVER touch the deck!


"Alan has approached the ACAAN plot with some abstract thinking that has left him with this solid and practical handling of ACAAN. Think about this for a second... you actually borrow any deck of cards, never touch it, have someone shuffle the deck, then deal down to their selected card at their at chosen number... just let that sink in. ADACAN does exactly what it says on the tin. This is strong magic." - Lloyd Barnes

"An any card at any number where the magician truly never touches the deck. Infact that deck can be borrowed! let that sink in for a mintue. Alan has created a thing of absolute beauty with adacan! " -Dee Christopher

"The Holy grail in magic now has a holy grail method to go with it! Another Rorrison classic!"-Jamie Daws

"I read the brief and thought 'you're a liar and a thief Alan'. The beautiful simplicity of the method made me swallow my words"-Mat Parrott