Adam Hudson - Sum It Up & Out Dated


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A brand new approach to the ACAAN plot and an exciting way to reveal any spectator's birthday.

Sum It Up

A packet of playing cards is mixed and a spectator freely names any card from within. Next, a small whiteboard or notepad is introduced and the performer writes down sixteen consecutive numbers, inviting the spectator to select four. The four chosen numbers are added together, creating a final total. This generated total is counted to in the packet, locating the one card that occupies that position. The card arrived at proves to be the very one named by the spectator at the beginning of the routine.

Sum It Upis a super clean ACAAN that happens without the performer ever having to touch the deck. The routine requires no sleight of hand or complicated memory work, it can be learned in minutes and is ideal for all virtual shows.

"This is purely cerebral mentalism, reminiscent of Martin Gardner."-Atlas Brookings

"Very clever!"- John Carey

Out Dated

Out Datedallows the performer to reveal any spectator's birthday. The method is contained in a standard packet of playing cards with the smallest of preparations. Nothing is ever written down by the spectator, there is no complicated memory work and no progressive anagrams. The method is fresh and original and once learned is pretty much self-working. The routine instantly resets and can be performed in various formats, including in-person, virtually, or over the telephone.

"Brilliant"- Marc Oberon

1st edition 2021, PDF 13 pages.

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